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John Postnikoff

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My Story - John Postnikoff  -  Nov 2014

My pictures below are from the Fifty 567 Club. It was a great time with the national club. I feel
very privilaged to have known those that were part of it and those that are still a part of it in a new way as a new club. The stories I am hearing are incredible and some are sad as good freinds had to turn in their keys to life. It is nice to see local chapters running as independent clubs.  Reunions and events of all kinds are now shared by multiple car clubs that I find very exciting finding true friendships.

What is "neat" is that members are keeping a legacy going. This union between us is so "sick" as the next generation says ("cool" in my generation).   It is great to see some of member's kids take an interest in this hobby. And to those that are selling your vehicles or parts, you may be steering a new future as the club did for me.

Over the years my truck has seen a few different looks. It now sports a lowered look with a Hiedts Super Ride suspension making it nice to drive. It has another new set of drive train components that include a high performance 350 engine, with a turbo 350 transmission, and 55 Chev car differential.  All riding on new Cooper Cobra tires and new aluminum wheels. I went back to new American slotted wheels that someone teases me about. I re-wired the whole truck adding halogen headlights, led tailights, and a four speaker stereo system with a 200 watt amp running off a custom stereo that replaces the stock radio. A whole new box (truck bed for my US friends) was added ten years ago and painted by Glenn Adair at Milden, SK.  A new wheel insert was made for the spare tire from a new fender that did not have one. I plan to add a 700R transmission along with some other upgrades that will include a digital dash.

I volunteer with our club website. If you have any pictures, stories, or comments on this please send to me. I have also started my own ebook that will be shared someday. I am not the best at writing, and my editor is quite busy so it may take some time.  I hope you can enjoy what I have enjoyed in the years ahead. Thanks to everyone.

John Postnikoff
Alias Stepside.

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